Ghost Stories

Ghost stories relates true stories which speak to the question which is often asked “What is a Ghost?” There exists much misinformation from closed mind skeptics, and uninformed “wanna be” believers.

The film industry, especially the horror films, present an unreal concept to what a ghost is.

It is just in recent years, even decades, that folk with scientific backgrounds, coupled with investigative journalism, are comfortable in reporting to the public, through hard copy and e books and other online mediums that "yes ghosts are real". This concept has been accepted by many, with little skepticism, because of evidence and photographs taken under real test conditions. The easy available of phone cameras allow for many spur of the moment pictures and videos to be recorded.

Explain Ghosts

Ghosts are apparitions of dead people, or sounds associated with invisible human spirits. They are often the surviving emotional memories of people who have not been able to make the transition from their physical state into the world of the spirit. Ghost stories speak to the many examples of these apparitions.

This often occurs, because their state at the time of death, is one of emotional shock induced by sudden death or suffering. Because of the circumstances of death, the individuals involved cannot understand what is happening to them. Being unable to see beyond their own immediate environment or problem, they are forced to continually relive those final moments of agony and confusion, until someone intervenes and clarifies their situation to them.

Ghost Stories Explained

In this respect, ghosts are like disturbed living folk (psychotics) that must be administered to by a psychoanalyst, except of course, the patient exists in another dimension or plain of reality. This is a perfectly plausible explanation, as man’s electromagnetic nature, allows that our individual personality is really nothing more than a personal energy field, in a more dense outer shell known as the physical body.

The personality can store emotional stimuli and memories indefinitely without much loss, very much like a tape or CD that can be played over and over without losing clarity or volume.

It would appear that people that die under normal circumstances need not go through this agony and/or uncertainty and seem to pass on rapidly and often quietly, into that next state of consciousness that may be accepted as being either heaven or hell. It is hoped that Ghost stories helps to clarify this belief.

My own personal opinion is that if hell indeed exists, and I hope it does, there are and have been enough truly evil folk pass through this earthly plain, that there would be no room for ordinary folk such as I in hell.

This accommodates my Agnostic belief or non belief, if you feel it is necessary to clarify one’s beliefs.


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